Practicality: know the wigs that look identical to natural hair

No one needs to have the same hair all the time. And, when changing their hair from day to night, many people rely on 'lace wigs', the name of any wig with front tulle fabric and the rest done in the usual way. According to Letícia Korndorfer, founder of Tress Cabelo, an online wig store, in 2016, demand grew 13% per month: that is, more than 150% in one year. For further info, click here: best shampoo for weaves

Inspiration can come from afar, from personalities like Beyoncé and Rihanna, who make use of the accessory, or more closely, like the Brazilian Ludmila and Taís Araújo. “Even today, there is still a little resistance, but demand has grown a lot,” says Letícia.

Lace wigs perfectly imitate the birth of the hair on the head. The threads are tied one by one on an internal screen that simulates the scalp, making it look more natural and traditional. In addition, there are the models front lace (only the front of the wig), full lace (on the whole head), top lace (only on the top of the cap) and half wig (half of the cap), which are personalized and can serve as complement to natural hair in hairstyles.

The practicality of laces decreases the work of caring for locks. Photo model Cleide Ribeiro, 38, is proof of that. Since she was 16 using mega hair, she decided for something more practical. “The mega (hair) we spend up to seven hours to put on, in addition to mistreating the root a lot. I want something simple and beautiful and I know that with laces this is guaranteed ”, he says.

There are people who use it for health, work or just aesthetics. Lílian Sevla, 35, for example, had surgery to remove brain tumors and started using them. “My hair was damaged. So, I started buying laces. I got to have seven, all cut in chanel style: curly, smooth, black, dark brown ... ”, he says. After a year and a half, he took the opportunity to make the hair transition. “The laces helped me until the total growth of the threads”, he says. About what she feels with the gadgets on her head, she says: “I feel empowered”.

Inside all the details

How much?

The prices of wigs laces vary between R $ 300 to R $ 900, depending on the model, size and material. Those made with natural hair cost more. Anyone who wants to have one at home pays R $ 800 to just over a thousand reais. A difference is that wigs made of human hair need more care, but last longer.


They can and should be washed. “In synthetics it is simple: shampoo and then conditioner, both without salt, with warm water to make the fiber more malleable”, advises Edy. If it is curly, use a curl activator and if it is smooth, the wig designer advises making dedoliss, a method for curling hair using your fingers. If you have natural hair, care is the same as with ours: wash in cold water with shampoo, conditioner and then give hydration. You can dry and use a board at will. Some wigs made of fiber can be supplied with a hairdryer and straightener at low temperatures, up to 120 ° C.


It is good to avoid sleeping with them to make them last longer. The synthetic lasts from six to seven months in case of frequent use. Human hair lasts for about a year with constant use.

How to use

It is not necessary to have a professional to put on the wig, the person can do it himself. It lasts, on average, three minutes. You can use it to go to the beach or pool, as long as maintenance is done later. Laces do not harm hair health.

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